Tamborine Mountain Flora and Fauna Report

On 6th Oct 2000 the Tamborine Mountain Escarpment Flora and Fauna Report was delivered to the Beaudesert Shire Council, the research paid for with a grant from National Heritage Trust... money you paid as taxes. 

The rigorous research and 300 + page document has been forgotten; its recommendations ignored, including for the Guanaba Creek ecosystem, a haven for rare and endangered species.

Councils want development but have a responsibility to protect a threatened biodiversity increasingly expected by an educated electorate and sometimes even they are "environmentally challenged". For example Beaudesert Shire Council made a serious breach; "They were fined under the Environment Protection Act” Tamborine Mountain Escarpment Flora and Fauna Report, page 96. The report takes several minutes to download.  Report

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Jan 28, 2009, 2:39 PM