Pollution costs

The below articles give an indication of the growing concern for cleanup costs of pollution around the world. A cleanup of Guanaba Creek might be difficult where it goes underground for about 50 metres.
Below are pictures of junk below St Bernards Falls

The cost estimates revealed that the impact of industrial pollution on rural communities is quite substantial in monetary terms.

The economics of water pollution control

The analysis demonstrates the importance of multilateral cooperation for water managers to tackle wastewater pollution along an international border. A differential game is applied empirically with data of abatement costs, environmental damages, trade flows and pollution dynamics.

In this paper, we discuss the relationships between production processes and water pollution based on the recent Satellite Water Accounts (SWA) (INE (Spanish National Statistics Institute), 2002) and the 1997 input–output tables for the Spanish economy.

This paper examines issues of water pollution and its control, with particular emphasis on Los Angeles: Types and sources of pollution, effects, regulations, sewage system, hazardous waste, water quality management, control methods and politics.

Water Pollution Control: The Economics and Ethics of Making Polluters Pay

Industrial disposal of effluents on land and the subsequent pollution of groundwater and soil of surrounding farmlands – is a relatively new area of research. The environmental and socioeconomic aspects of industrial effluent irrigation have not been studied as extensively as domestic sewage based irrigation practices, at least for a developing country like India.

In addition to the regulatory policies and the voluntary options, the EPA has three basic economic tools that they could utilize in their policies to reduce water pollution. They are as follows:

Talking about the economics and business of water: Major banks and elite private equity firms are seeing water as the next oil, and they're aggressively entering the water sector buying up everything related to water.

This volume brings together a number of prominent economic studies all of which deal with key water quality issues.

Water pollution in the Spanish economy: analysis of sensitivity to production and environmental constraints

Water Pollution - contamination of water resources by harmful wastes; see also sewerage, water supply, pollution, and environmentalism.