Moretons Urban Solutions have proposed an overdevelopment at the St Bernards Hotel site of 30 Hotel Lodges, 24 extra Hotel/ Motel rooms + and sewage and effluent dispersal (for equivalent to 75 houses on 4 hectares) in a low lying area where 3 creeks meet.


We have created this website to provide evidence from Government and scientific sources from around the world that this development at this site is contraindicated.


The cliffs at St Bernards are an active landslide area according to Geologist, Warwick Willmott. “Slope Stability and its Constraints on Closer Settlement on Tamborine Mountain, Southeast Queensland, Geological Survey of Queensland Record 1981/14 Dept of Mines 1981”. This report was heavily relied on by Beaudesert Shire Council when formulating the Development Control Plan (DCP) for the mountain. Was that information and the action taken important back then but somehow is not now?


This website provides links to websites from around the world clearly showing that the construction of new buildings, elimination of soil binding vegetation, significant car park and building runoff and sewage effluent dispersal will change soil composition and surcharge the groundwater, rendering the site even more unstable. It will also damage wildlife by sewage treatment activation of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDC’s).


For Scenic Rim Regional Council to approve the application they must 1; Ignore the DCP and the Tamborine Mountain Escarpment Flora and Fauna Report recommendations regarding Guanaba Creek 2; the Willmott report regarding landslide risk at the site and 3; the worldwide body of evidence we have presented regarding wildlife damage, environment degradation, water quality deterioration and how other countries deal with similar developments better than we seem to in Australia.


Thought terminating cliché’s such as “tree hugger” and “greenie” only serve to deflect proper attention from this serious matter. Only full transparency by Council is acceptable.

The content of this website demands attention and acknowledgement.