What you can do

It is important that you contact the Scenic Rim Regional Councilor for your division.  Phone calls and traditional mail are most important. Email is less important.  Councilors are obligated to respond to traditional mail.

Ask them these questions:

  1. Have they viewed or read this web site? (we've already asked them to do this)
  2. Have they understood the issues and concerns raised on this web site?
  3. Are they going to vote for approval of this development or seek more time to assess the information presented to be prudent and fair to the developer, Council and themselves? 


Conventional mail should be sent to:

Scenic Rim Regional Council

PO Box 25

Beaudesert QLD 4825


Cr John Brent
office:   5540 5105
mobile: 0427 593 148 
email: mayor@scenicrim.qld.gov.au

Division One

Cr Derek Swanborough
office:   5540 5401
mobile: 0447 206 006
mailto: derek.s@scenicrim.qld.gov.au

Division Two

Cr Richard Adams

office:   5540 5402
mobile: 0447 206 007
mailto: richard.a@scenicrim.qld.gov.au

Division Three

Cr Virginia West

office:   5540 5403
mobile: 0407 630 052
mailto: virginia.w@scenicrim.qld.gov.au

Division Four

Cr Dave Cockburn

office:   5540 5404
mobile: 0428 570 741
mailto: dave.c@scenicrim.qld.gov.au

Division Five

Cr Kathy Bensted

office:   5540 5405
mobile: 0447 206 009
mailto: kathy.b@scenicrim.qld.gov.au

Division Six

Cr Heather Wehl

office:   5540 5406
mobile: 0418 785 530
mailto: heather.w@scenicrim.qld.gov.au