Why we are worried

We have collected the most relevant information from credible experts, mainly government and scientific research
organisationsDetails of this research are presented below .  Click on each topic to get more detail.
Landslides                     Willmott Report and pictures of recent rockfall under St Bernards at the 1974 massive landslide area
Present landslip problems           Shelf Road rockfalls
Guanaba Creek             Includes website details of the Guanaba Indiginous Protected Site and the water monitoring 
Effluent toxins               Links to websites with details of how chemicals activated by sewage treatment damage wildlife
Endangered species             Queensland Government published map showing endangered species found below the development site 

Pollution costs                                    Links to websites about increasing frequency and cost of pollution cleanup. Pictures of junk below falls
Septic systems                                  Pictorial evidence of massive flooding throughout the sewage treatment plant and effluent dispersal site
Tamborine Mountain Flora and Fauna Report   Ignored recommendations re Tamborine Mountain  and Guanaba Creek